About GI Systems

Backed by over 40 year’s professional technical experience within wide-ranging industries including aerospace, automotive, oil/gas, petro-chem, process, power, utilities and many more.

Our focus is on instrumentation, measurement, data acquisition, test systems, all including design engineering, sales and management responsibilities.

Project applications demanding leading edge design, engineering, performance and delivery to key industry requirements and specifications.

Participation within industry for furthering the adoption of ‘Functional Safety’ and standards such as IEC 61508, with GI Systems Director being a founder of the IEC 61508 Association, having also being a Director of The CASS Scheme Ltd (Conformity Assessment of Safety Related Systems).

Fundamental understanding of the UK nuclear industries requirements for rigour and depth of substantiation for ‘Smart’ devices (microprocessor based, programmable) if they are considered for safety-related applications, gathered in twenty years working relationship with the nuclear industry and their regulator. 

The GI Systems Director was involved in the original conception and first stage development of the ‘EMPHASIS’ assessment process for establishing the ‘Production Excellence’ demanded in part of the substantiation case for a ‘Smart’ device, to demonstrate suitability of a ‘Smart’ device in terms of integrity The EMPHASIS assessment process can be thought to be a challenge, but often if well managed has positive outcomes for the manufacturer, the specifier and the user.

Presentations to IET, Inst MC, end users and other bodies over many years on topics such as, process instrumentation Data Acquisition, Functional Safety, ‘Smart’ Instrument assessments.